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Watch Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop online: Episode 9 The Transcendent Landscapes of Georde Inness

George Inness (1825-1894) was inspired by the classical landscape painters, especially the classic 17th century French artist Claude Lorrain, considered the father of landscape painting. Inness learned the techniques of scientific observation and the ideal landscape painting techniques of the Hudson River painters, but was later more attracted to Barbizon tonalism and the spiritual aspect of art. Inness's painting underwent an evolution from sharp edges to blurred forms as he painted more suggestively and atmospherically. He is considered one of the painters who ushered in the age of American Modernism because, he changed the way people looked at and painted art. David demonstrates the techniques of Inness, his quest for a union of spirituality and paint, his reliance on ambiguity, his sources of inspiration and his enduring influence in the world of art.

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