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Watch Wild India online: Episode 5 Mountains of the Gods

India's northern border is marked by the highest mountain chain in the world: the snow-covered Himalayas. This thousand-mile wall of rock and ice, up to six miles high in places, demands stamina and resourcefulness from its inhabitants, both people and wildlife. However, as LAND OF THE TIGER shows, the rare and elusive snow leopard is well prepared to prosper in the steep terrain, stalking wary Himalayan ibex, blue sheep, and other prey across the rocky, steep slopes. People, too, have learned to survive in the Himalayas' high valleys, in towns and monasteries perched on knife-edged ridges. In colourful festivals, they celebrate the wildlife around them and take ceremonial, spiritually cleansing swims in the region's frigid, glacier-fed streams. In the eastern Himalayas, however, the rocky vastness gives way to the moist, green mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, a biologically rich wonderland. Here, rare land crabs, red pandas, singing gibbons, and showy pheasants are just a few of the many animals that thrive in the lush forests, which receive up to 30 feet of rain a year.

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