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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 51 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 51

?In addition to seven males and not due to highly toxic, and because of toxic heavy blow by the West beat up, martial arts are hard to recover, fear can no longer protect the Huang Rong, Huang Rong then advised to leave the island early, but the boat went missing, Huang Rong could not leave. Seven males and knew that was near death, Sui Li Huang Rong as Gai is very, and to teach Da Goubang law. Huang Rong Ouyang lead to a cliff, pushed the boulder. Ouyang was crushed stone, a very faint pain, this time to reach a desert island while Guo Jing and Ouyang Feng, Ouyang Feng nephew see the situation, Huang Rong, who is threatening to save him. I buy all over to visit to find her daughter disappeared, in the case of Zhou Botong Wangjiang floor, they chase to the cliff, Bo Huang Rong had been buried in the sea through joked, Huang believed, endless grief, Song Shen jumped off the cliff. Huang Rong, who will be pushed boulder after Ouyang has crippled feet, I struggled in vain, seven males, who fear that drug again harm the West, then return together to make rafts for the Central Plains, but the raft was stolen from Western drug. Ouyang full of hate for the reported injuries, with Yang Kang for their revenge, Yang Kang then monitor the coast, who disappeared seven males, seven males and three soon see results from a raft, then killed three people wishing to place the cannon, Qi Zhou Botong material is outstanding, the muzzle pointing to Yang Kang and others, seven males and so survived.

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