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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 18 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 18

?Yang Kang Xi weak core and will let go, the two arrangements in the Huang Rong to the mountain retreat, but unfortunately the weak link Honglie Dian, worried all day long. Chuji Crackdown Duantian De, whistled across the sky wishing to take revenge for the section taken Niujia Cun, Rong, Jing Qiu misunderstanding bullying people, rescued section, and after the segment is Killing Father Guo Jing Shi Zhi enemy, the three cores will be taken to the home segment . Duan Tiande knew that a dead end, but unfortunately the weak nature was surprised to find good, can not bear to be the kill, the use of concessions in order to measure, say then who is the mastermind behind Wanyanhonglie, but unfortunately the weak heartbroken, committed suicide want to hit the wall, the the occasion were hectic, Duan took the opportunity to escape. Chuji unfortunately frequently blame the weak, but unfortunately the weak miserable, Chafanbusi, the core can not bear much, with each to discuss the killing of Wanyanhonglie, suggested using Zhentian Lei Huang Rong will Honglie deep fry pieces, but Huang Rong fear of adverse impacts to fish, the Nim Chi birthday at large in Hong Lie divert Yang Kang, Yang Kang is not in dollars, when he tried to launch Zhentian Lei Huang Rong, but was blocked off by Yang Kang to the body, core moment hectic show their true colors, surrounded by all the experts, after several hard to escape the palace . After each home but not pity the weak trace of the original house but unfortunately broken weak return to the palace to wait Honglie come, but unfortunately the weak want to cheat Honglie drink the poisoned wine, but for Hong Lie detection, Honglie also quite guilty, weak armed with a pity Weaponry to the kill, but Yang Kang arrived in time to stop unfortunately weak, but unfortunately the weak distressed, tearful bolted away. Xi weak inexplicable pain, like jumping himself, seeing the number of nuns, quickly stop, but unfortunately the weak bow of ship Buddhism is willing to escape, away from the earth.

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