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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 13 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 13

?Wangchu Yi and Guo Jing trapped palace, shall not escape, they desperately thrust, coincidence core and Nim Chi, the original father and daughter escaped with the accounting, but the core has been Ouyang, who hit the seriously injured. Core escape, see the palace there is a tumbledown old home set with the same year, greatly surprised, but unfortunately accidentally, can not meet with pity the weak. Wang Chuyi Sustaining Shatong Tian Du Zhang, Guo Jing to the pharmacy dispensing that is life, but Yang Kang had ordered the acquisition of drug detoxification of the whole city, not trying to come Guo Jing, Huang Rong said the incorrigible Wang Chuyi conflict, meet with them cited Guo Jing, Jing See Rong mood to save the king, much anger, anti-teasing by Rong, until after dusk, Rong Jing told to Snake Hill before stealing medicine, while Chengdu is the palace, the implementation of two-pronged. Xi Rong held hostage to the weak within the palace, and one by one told Kang that was, but unfortunately the weak furious, the Hong torture meal, and ordered to hand over the antidote Kang, Kang not contrary to the intended mother, Rong away easily succeed. Jing to Snake Hill, snake attacks, Jing will be bitten by snakes die, and you'll feel the suction snake blood, Villa strange Weng back, rushed out of the furious, the original snake blood to make big breakthroughs, but have no intention to Guo Jing absorb, then go after the Guo Jing, Jing bolted, see Ouyang impressively positive Rong Shi delicate, and the war and they go, accidentally fell into the cave.

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