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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 11 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 11

Rong core temperament strange feeling, and because I buy is the father of Chengdu, and Rong Jing fear get in trouble with the caller and Nim Chi betrothed to the Yasukuni, but love Jing Huang Rong, refused to answer. On the other hand, Rong about the incident, and Nim Chi disagree, Yasushi do not want to hurt Nim Chi Huang Rong, palm slap Rong, Rong furious away. Nim Chi and Jing Rong do not want to destroy the happiness, then made GongFu, and Nim Chi has long been the dark heart of Yangkang Fang Hsu, ordered to inform the health. Nim Chi Mei Chaofeng caught and is to be used for practice, fortunately Huang Rong to the rescue, survived, although the post-Mei Yang Kang was the practice to help with death, but slightly later time, causing feet meridians are blocked, to be closed-door closed . GongFu day, Yang Kang frivolous attitude, so that Yang Tiexin angry, do not get married Xu Nianci with them, and do not intend to marry Nim Chi Yang Kang, so Nim Chi is very sad.

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