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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 6 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 6

?A crush of Health Huazhengkuipo Zhang Ying, then go-between, with Zhang Xiangying confide in, but Zhang but no bile spit Heartsongs. Kezhen Wu Guo Jing, who was posing as the father buried sold themselves to lure Mei Chaofeng appear in May really count, with seven fights strange, but very powerful plum of ?????, Ying Zhang for the protection, body work in the claw , Mui also took the opportunity to escape, Zhang Ying before his death to show love, Ying heartbroken. Temujin and Zhebie hunting in the grasslands, suddenly see the eagle in the air, that is a remarkable skill life Guo Jing, Jing really double-edged sword, Temujin was overjoyed, and hosted a get together. Hua Zheng Jing, see Father of appreciation, implying Jing to Temujin propose marriage, but said Jing Hua Zheng unknown what, no mention in the banquet, Hua Zheng rage, anger away, Jing from behind to catch up, the way it encountered Yin Zhiping, the two sides misunderstanding, fight, Liuguai arrived, Shi Zhi Yin is Chuji, who, Qiutuo Yin Yang Kang informed with the arrival of the whereabouts of the letter, agreed to meet after two years to the engrossed House. Guo Jing Ke Zhenwu martial arts know the poor can not be compared with Yang Kang fight to reverse this trend to follow Liuguai Guo Jing, within six months of diligent practice martial arts, and refused to leave, I look forward to meet, no Naijing qualification stupid blunt, so that Ko is very discouraged, only to return Jing home. Ping knows the only son of non-martial arts, very sad, Jing can not think of revenge for the father, even more sad.

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