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Watch Legend Of The Condor Heroes 1982 online: Episode 3 The Legend of the Condor Heroes 3

Chuji misunderstanding unfortunately weak greedy to enjoy luxuries, Yusha pity the weak, the whole had just given birth to Yang Kang Xi weak, could not bear to kill it, then come five years after the agreement to practice martial arts to teach Yang Kang. Guo Jing and his mother has been living in Mongolia, but Guo Jing qualification dull, so I do not know how the future Guo Jing Ping fear revenge for the father. Zhebie was Temujin kill, was Guo Jing to the rescue, and after Kublai see Zhebie martial arts, a policy dubbed the ten captains, and Guo Jing taught in Zhebie to learn archery skills, after Temujin son Tuolei became brothers. South seven times in nine years to find Guo Jing strange sight, died in the accident under the opportunity to find Guo Jing who dagger, then immediately Guo Jing taught martial arts together, but Guo Jing lack of talent, seven blame for the test his courage, about Guo Jing middle of the night to the mountains each other, surprise, Chen Xuanfeng copper body, iron body Mei Chaofeng practice in the mountains, Kezhen Wu Su martial arts they know severe abnormalities, Suiming each alert, surprise, Guo Jing into the mountains at this time, holding on by Chen Xuanfeng, blame quickly to deal with seven critical moment the occasion with a knife inserted in the Chenxuan Feng Guo Jing, Mei Chaofeng point holding Chen Xuanfeng fled to the hills, Chen Xuanfeng attitude to life not going to live, will be submitted to Mei Chaofeng arms human resource configurations, then die. Mei Chaofeng Greatly grieved, the decision to Chen Xuanfeng revenge, but the blame has been chasing the mountain seven points, Mei Chaofeng desperately flee, finally falling off a cliff.

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