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Watch Im Gonna Be An Angel online: Episode 4 Precious Things Are... Precious

Yuusuke has developed a cold, and Noelle wants to make him feel better. Although she'd rather stay by him, he convinces her to go to school, where his friends Masaru and Saiki remark that he's lucky to have someone who thinks he's precious. Noelle doesn't know what the word "precious" means and tries to find out in class. Her teacher tells her that when you think someone is precious, it means you want them to find happiness. Miruru catches Noelle after school and tries to persuade her to go to a fancy restaurant with her, promising it will bring her true happiness. Noelle becomes extremely happy when she samples the dessert, Jasmine Jelly (it's pururun!), and decides to take it home to Yuusuke right away. Once she leaves the restaurant uproots itself and chases after her, trying to capture her to give her to Dispell. The restaurant is distracted by a giant cake and leaves Noelle alone - though it managed to smash her Jasmine Jelly before she could get it to Yuusuke.

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