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Watch Superman 1941 online: Episode 2 The Mechanical Monsters

The story starts as one of the robots flies into a scientist's secret lair and unloads a pile of cash into a vault. The robot is controlled completely from the scientists command center, and we see that he is one of many robots similar to him, lined up along the walls of the lair. Next, we see the front page of the Daily Planet, reporting the "mechanical monsters" robbery right alongside an announcement for the display of 50 million dollars of the world's rarest gems at the local museum. Later, as Lois and Clark are covering the museum's exhibit for the Planet, a robot lands in the street outside. The police pelt it with machine gun fire as it marches towards the museum, but the bullets bounce harmlessly off. Museum visitors, including Clark and Lois, flee as the monster marches towards the jewels and begins loading them into an opening in its back.

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