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Watch Aoi Hana online: Episode 4 Adolescence is Beautiful

Yasuko and Fumi become a couple and Yasuko wants to start going to school in the mornings with Fumi, but Fumi realizes too late that she already made that arrangement with Akira beforehand. Fumi wants to continue just going to school with Akira, but in exchange, she and Yasuko will have time together after school. Fumi resolutely tells Akira that she still wants to go to school with only her and in the process comes out to her about her relationship with Yasuko. Akira at first does not know how to respond, but after seeking advice from Ky?ko decides the only thing she can do for Fumi is support her. Yasuko and Fumi, along with Y?ko, Misako and Miwa, go back to Fujigaya where Yasuko takes part in a read-through of the script for Wuthering Heights and greets the drama club's adviser Masanori Kagami. Fumi wonders about the "Mistress of the Library" story Yasuko told her and who the involved parties were.

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