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Watch Aoi Hana online: Episode 3 Rise and Shine

Yasuko comes out of the room Ky?ko just exited and asks Fumi to share a talk outside. Fumi tells Yasuko she is leaving the basketball club for lack of aestheticism and Yasuko expresses regret for it. Yasuko asks Fumi on a date before Y?ko jumps in saying it is time to leave. Ky?ko invites Akira on a group date organized by her fiance (in name only) K? Sawanoi, but Akira's older brother Shinobu embarrasses Akira to tears during the date when K? realizes a man in sunglasses has been staring at them all day. During this time, Yasuko and Fumi are on their date, walking around town and take in a view of the sea. Akira later yells at her brother for embarrassing her, though Shinobu merely expresses concern for a man taking his younger sister home. Fumi formally joins the literary club and afterwards Yasuko takes Fumi to the library room where they share their first kiss.

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