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Watch Real Crime online: Episode 4 Brittan's Biggest Heist

The story of the biggest cash heist in British history, when thieves stole 53million from Securitas's Kent depot in February 2006. The programme also shows how the police worked through the night to track down the money and the gang. As one commentator wryly notes, the 53 million raid in 2006 on a Kent cash depot, Britain's biggest cash robbery yet, was more Ealing comedy than Ocean's 11, with a gang that comprised "a bunch of idiots, bruisers and chancers". But there was nothing remotely amusing about the attack, or the robbers who kidnapped Securitas depot manager Colin Dixon at gunpoint while threatening his family, who were being held hostage. Real Crime talks to Dixon, who gives his first TV interview, to the police officers involved in tracking the gang members (there were prosecutions, though the inquiry is still open and 30 million of the stolen money is still missing) and to Securitas staff who were on duty that night. These are haunted men. One still has nightmares: "It's very real and present to me. It's still not in the past."

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