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In this adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's longest story, the beautiful Snow Queen has captured two children and now keeps them apart. She has inserted a sliver of her own special ice into the eye of the boy, so that his heart will turn to ice and will be a proper match for hers. The boy's sister, meanwhile, has won free and attempts to find her brother. When she does, the warmth of her love for him melts his frozen heart and defeats the Snow Queen decisively.

Actors: Satu Silvo,Outi Vainionkulma,Sebastian Kaatrasalo,Tuula Nyman,Esko Hukkanen,Pirjo Bergström,Juulia Ukkonen,Paavo Westerberg,Saara Pakkasvirta,Ismo Alanko,Markku Huhtamo,Antti Litja,Esko Varonen,Marja Pyykkö,Elina Hurme
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" As for the snow queen herself, she is depicted as beautiful but more than human powerful female, the stuff of nightmares! Not long after I read the original Hans Christian Handerson tale, and although I enjoyed it I felt the movie to be superior, so if you ever get the chance to see this Finnish masterpiece don't pass it up!"

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