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Mo Alexander's bad luck is that she misses the plane in Paris carrying her tour group and her luggage. On top of this, she finds that it will take several days for the travel agent to work out the problem. In the meantime, Mo meets Xavier, a true Parisian, who sees Mo as an opportunity to enjoy himself while his family is out of town. Mo reluctantly begins an affair with him, and finds herself wrestling with her conscience. For Xavier, Mo is a challenge to his cultural identity making it difficult to dismiss her. They enjoy a beautiful physical and emotional relationship, and in the end, being in love with Mo has the ability to alter Xavier on a fundamental level. Written byC.D.

Actors: Karen Allen,Thierry Lhermitte,Christopher Cazenove,Hutton Cobb,Michael Mellinger,Nitza Shaul,Rachel Robertson,Raphaëlle Spencer,Joanna Pavlis,Helen Desbiez,Steve Gadler,Edith Perret,Jean-Claude Montalban,Gérard Caillaud,Marie-Catherine Conti
Year: 1984
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