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Ann Lake has recently settled in England with her daughter, Bunny. When she goes to retrieve her daughter after the girl's first day at school, no one has any record of Bunny having been registered. When even the police can find no trace that the girl ever existed, they wonder if the child was only a fantasy of Ann's. When Ann's brother backs up the police's suspicions, she appears to be a mentally-disturbed individual. Are they right? Written byAlfred Jingle

Actors: Laurence Olivier,Carol Lynley,Keir Dullea,Martita Hunt,Anna Massey,Clive Revill,Finlay Currie,Lucie Mannheim,The Zombies,Noël Coward,Adrienne Corri,Megs Jenkins,Delphi Lawrence,Jill Melford,Suzanne Neve
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" As mentioned by a previous reviewer, there is considerable demand for a DVD/VHS release (preferably letterboxed, the opening credits are well worth it)"

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