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Eleven-year-old David Wiseman is mad about cricket but no good at it. He has the entire kit but none of the skill, and he's a laughingstock at school. So when a Jamaican family moves in next door and builds a cricket net in the back garden, David is in seventh heaven. But this is 1960s Britain, and when the neighbours start to make life difficult for the new arrivals, David's family is caught in the middle, and he has to choose between fitting in and standing up for the new friends who have turned his world upside-down. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Sam Smith,Leagh Conwell,Dominic Barklem,Jo Stone-Fewings,Emily Woof,Yasmin Paige,Richard Ashton,Carol MacReady,Stanley Townsend,Osnat Schmool,Mark Penfold,Tom Roberts,Philip Whitchurch,Angela Wynter,Petra Letang
Year: 2003
Imdb: click here

" Pacing, beautiful, and quite funny really"

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