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Where to watch Idle Mist (Vana Espuma)
When the darkness in a musician's dreams tears its way into his waking life, a series of brutal murders rocks the city and word spreads of a spectral form looming over the rooftops.

Actors: Catalina Gallo,Andrés Useche,Patricia Salazar,Yonier Bedoya,Juan Diego Borda,Nestor Ivan Delgado,Julián Garcia,Juan Camilo Gomez,Luisa Gonzalez,Mauricio Herrera,Juan Carlos Mantilla,Augusto Muñoz,Felipe Ramirez,Marisol Rendón,Juan Manuel Salazar
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Great fun that makes an impact, emotionally and intellectually - what more can you ask of a movie? (Oh, and I only gave it a 9, because there are a few technical issues that require a bigger budget, which hopefully he'll have for the next movie)"

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