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A group of British students enbark on summoning spirits on a Ouija board after a night of clubbing. But someone breaks the link before they have finished and now a demon is trapped in their world and the only way to banish it, is for all the people who summoned it to die. Written byPete, England

Actors: Joe Absolom,Lara Belmont,Melanie Gutteridge,Lukas Haas,James Hillier,Alec Newman,Mel Raido,Marsha Thomason,Tom Bell,Michael Feast,Cyril Nri,Tameka Empson,Peter Gevisser,Derek Lea,Joel Pitts
Year: 2002
Imdb: click here

"Though clearly influenced by American horror movies, LONG TIME DEAD finds an echo in Michael Armstrong's UK thriller THE HAUNTED HOUSE OF HORROR (1969), in which bored teenagers inadvertently sparked the wrath of a deadly killer - in Armstrong's film, the villain was an all-too-human maniac, whereas Marcus Adams' updated version unleashes the forces of supernatural terror on its hapless protagonists"

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