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Where to watch The Curve (Dead Man's Curve)
Tim, Chris and Rand are campus roommates. They are not the closest of friends. When it is announced as being usual to get the best possible grades as compensation for the psychic stress of a roommates' suicide, Tim and Chris decide to kill Rand. After Rand's "suicide", his girlfriend Natalie takes her life, too. She was the roommate of Chris' girl Emma. Who's tricking who? Written byJulian Reischl <>

Actors: Matthew Lillard,Michael Vartan,Randall Batinkoff,Keri Russell,Tamara Marie Watson,Anthony Griffith,Bo Dietl,Kevin Ruf,Henry Strozier,Ben Livingston,Kris McGaha,Christy Stratton,Dana Delany,Cheryl Goode,David P. Moore
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" It doesn't matter how bad the film is, you can always count on Matthew Lillard"

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