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In Lyon, where many are unemployed, Marie is a prostitute who loves her work: she's thoughtful and exuberant toward clients old and young, slim or flabby. One night, a homeless man sleeps in the foyer of her apartment house; she gives him a hot meal, then a place on the floor to sleep by her radiator, then she offers herself. She falls in love, giving him new life, clothes, a place to live. When he grouses that he must bar hop while she uses the flat for her work, she finds them a larger flat. He grows restless, seducing a manicurist and pressing her to prostitution. He's arrested for procuring, so Marie must decide what to do; he, too, must face the consequences of his choices. Written by<>

Actors: Anouk Grinberg,Gérard Lanvin,Valeria Bruni Tedeschi,Olivier Martinez,Dominique Valadié,Jacques François,Michel Galabru,Robert Hirsch,Bernard Fresson,Jacques Gamblin,Jean-Pierre Darroussin,Bernard Le Coq,Jean-Philippe Écoffey,Daniel Colas,Erick Desmarestz
Year: 1996
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" However, a male character's apology to "all women" - made straight to camera at the very last moment of the film - seems to suggest that he is being deliberately provocative"

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