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A family driving through a small town gets lost and winds up at a backwoods shack managed by Torgo, who takes care of it while The Master is away. The Master worships Manos, an evil deity, and he also wears a neat cape. When Torgo lets the family stay, The Master awakens and does mean stuff like burning off Torgo's hand and sicking his dog on the family pet. Meanwhile, The Master's wives wrestle for his favor. Written byJeremy Yuenger <>

Actors: Tom Neyman,John Reynolds,Diane Adelson,Harold P. Warren,Stephanie Nielson,Sherry Proctor,Robin Redd,Jackey Neyman Jones,Bernie Rosenblum,Joyce Molleur,William Bryan Jennings,Jay Hall,Bettye Birns,Lelanie Hansard,Pat Coburn
Year: 1966
Imdb: click here

" That's what makes a film truly bad: the fact that despite its overbearing weaknesses it isn't even entertaining!Many people look back at the sixties and think, with obvious resentment for today's cinematic output, that "they don't make them like this anymore!""

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