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This is the story of the methods used to defeat Hitler's V1 (doodlebug) and V2 (rocket) "revenge weapons" towards the end of the second world war. Even though the Nazis were in retreat these weapons could have turned their defeat into victory. The film includes references to Hannah Reich, who in real life was a German test pilot. Written bySteve Crook <>

Actors: Sophia Loren,George Peppard,Trevor Howard,John Mills,Richard Johnson,Tom Courtenay,Jeremy Kemp,Anthony Quayle,Lilli Palmer,Paul Henreid,Helmut Dantine,Barbara Rütting,Richard Todd,Sylvia Syms,John Fraser
Year: 1965
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"In the annals of Allied history is one of the most secret and certainly most desperate covert attempts to destroy the Nazi's ultimate weapons"

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