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Watch Docking the Boat (Att angöra en brygga) online

Where to watch Docking the Boat (Att angöra en brygga)
A group of people arrives by boat to attend a party on a small island. They experience great difficulties while trying to go ashore. All the alcohol for the party is on the boat while the people on the island have all the food, and the only neighbor on the island, Garbo, is not as friendly as one would wish. Written byArne Andersson <>

Actors: Monica Zetterlund,Lars Ekborg,Birgitta Andersson,Gösta Ekman,Katie Rolfsen,Hans Alfredson,Hatte Furuhagen,Tage Danielsson,Jim Hughes
Year: 1965
Imdb: click here

" I hope people in other countries don't think this is the best Sweden has to offer"

Docking the Boat (Att angöra en brygga) trailer