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Where to watch Supercop 2 (Project S)
As a crime wave sweeps through Hong Kong, the police call on Jessica Yang, a rising star in their ranks, to help stop a notorious gang of thieves.

Actors: Michelle Yeoh,Rongguang Yu,Emil Chau,Athena Chu,Siu-Wong Fan,Jackie Chan,Bill Tung,Eric Tsang,Dick Wei,Bowie Lam,Alain Guernier,Tung Cho 'Joe' Cheung,Chan Mei Kei,Yukari Ôshima,Ailen Sit
Year: 0
Imdb: click here

" Jessica then gets a call from the police force in Hong Kong because they need her to solve a case about a group of gun tooting criminals who have held up a bank and stolen important documents, so she heads to Hong Kong, only to find out that the head of the group of criminals is her boyfriend"

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