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As much a film of its moment as Sweet Smell of Success and just as lasting in its pertinence, this cruel satire is Masumura's masterpiece - although an excellent script (from a Ken Kaiko novel) and terrific cast deserve their share of the credit. Three confectionery companies are locked in cut-throat rivalry for a share of a market increasingly dominated by imported US candy. Goda (Takamatsu), a thrusting young exec with World Caramel, spots a young woman out shopping and decides to turn her into a celebrity who can star in his plan for a space age ad campaign. Kyoko Shima (Nozoe), averagely pretty and with exceptionally bad teeth, takes to the Pygmalion treatment like a duck to water and soon leaves behind her job with a failing taxi firm and her dysfunctional family. Goda's assistant Nishi (Kawaguchi), who dates a woman exec from a rival firm and proves a useless industrial spy, watches as both the girl and his boss succumb to mega-greed; the film's ending turns on whether or not ... Written bynishanth gunupudi

Actors: Hiroshi Kawaguchi,Hitomi Nozoe,Osamu Abe,Kôichi Fujiyama,Yoshihiro Hamaguchi,Tatsuo Hanabu,Fujio Harumoto,Hisako Horigome,Hikaru Hoshi,Kôichi Itô,Naoyasu Itô,Yûnosuke Itô,Shôji Kawashima,Hiroko Machida,Sachiko Meguro
Year: 1958
Imdb: click here

" The movie features a very weird musical number where Kyoko the hillbilly girl (after getting her teeth fixed) sings a jazzy little number about death, destruction and cannibalism"

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