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Benny, a lonely drifter, is thrown off a train after cheating at cards, and into the life of Tanya, a lovely bartender. Tanya has been supporting her husband, a former ballplayer, since his accident, waiting for an insurance settlement that will solve all their financial woes. But when it comes, he refuses to share it with her, claiming with newfound piety that money is the root of all evil. She then enlists the help of Benny to concoct a scheme to get her fair share of the settlement, and he finds one: a local Catholic mission needs money for repairs and Benny decides to create a miracle that will encourage husband Henry to fork over the money - which Benny and Tanya will intercept and share. Written byGary Dickerson <>

Actors: Lara Flynn Boyle,Danny Nucci,Peter Dobson,Luca Bercovici,Michael Chieffo,Bert Santos,Teresa DiSpina,Sam Vlahos,Valente Rodriguez,Raye Birk,Angelina Estrada,Janet MacLachlan,Tony Genaro,Marita De Leon,Laura Cerón
Year: 1996
Imdb: click here

" I have great memories of watching Lara Flynn Boyle in the film, I remember I watched the Frighteners and spotted Peter Dobson"

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