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Based in the 1660's of London's theaters, this film is about the rules of gender roles in theatre production, and means to change them for everyone's benefit. Ned Kynaston is the assumedly gay cross-dressing actor who has been playing female parts in plays for years, particularly Desdemona in Othello, he also has a close relationship with a member of the Royal Court, the Duke of Buckingham. One day however, the rules of only men playing women could change when aspiring actress Maria auditions as Kynaston's praised role, Desdemona, and soon enough, King Charles II decides to make the law that all female roles should be played only by women. Maria becomes a star, while Ned finds himself out of work. But after a while, Ned finds it in his nature to forgive Maria's aspiration, they may even fall in love, and Charles may proclaim women will be played by either gender. Written byJackson Booth-Millard

Actors: Derek Hutchinson,Mark Letheren,Claire Danes,Billy Crudup,Tom Wilkinson,Ben Chaplin,Hugh Bonneville,Jack Kempton,Alice Eve,Fenella Woolgar,David Westhead,Nick Barber,Stephen Marcus,Richard Griffiths,Zoë Tapper
Year: 2004
Imdb: click here

"Eyre could not have selected a better cast"

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