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Desert Storm vet who was killed in combat rises from the grave on July Fourth, to kill the unpatriotic citizens of his hometown, after some teens burn an American flag over his burial site.

Actors: William Smith,David 'Shark' Fralick,Christopher Ogden,Leslie Neale,Bo Hopkins,Matthew Flint,Anne Tremko,Isaac Hayes,Timothy Bottoms,Tim Grimm,P.J. Soles,Tom McFadden,Zachary McLemore,Morgan Paull,Richard Cummings Jr.
Year: 1997
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"I rented this in the mood for a really bad movie that I could rip to shreds but to my surprise, and despite what everyone else seems to think of it, it was actually quite good! Yes, there are all kinds of B movie slip-ups (like school being in session in the middle of summer, the crippled and deformed blind kid who somehow has been equipped with a sixth sense after a fireworks accident the previous July 4th, and the casket being dropped off and kept in the sister's living room as if it were a new TV set or piece of furniture) but I found myself ignoring all the flaws because the actors had so much conviction in their roles, and because Lustig's camerawork was so fluid and put me under its spell"

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