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Tai-Pan is Chinese for "supreme leader". This is the man with real power to his hands. And such a Tai-Pan is Dirk Struan who is obsessed by his plan to make Hong Kong the "jewel in the crown of her British Majesty". In 1841 he achieves his goal but he has many enemies who try to destroy his plans. Will they succeed? Written byHarald Mayr <>

Actors: Bryan Brown,Joan Chen,John Stanton,Tim Guinee,Bill Leadbitter,Russell Wong,Katy Behean,Kyra Sedgwick,Janine Turner,Norman Rodway,John Bennett,Derrick Branche,Vic Armstrong,Dickey Beer,Phil Chatterton Tongplaw
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

"The constant censorship changes the Chinese government insisted on to allow filming (it was the first US picture to shoot there) and the nightmarish amount of red tape during the shoot didn't help, nor did heavy prerelease cutting (De Laurentiis also prepared a longer TV miniseries version that never seems to have seen the light of day), but John Briley and Stanley Mann's script is such a dreary and truncated mess that makes so little sense to anyone who hasn't read the novel that it's no great surprise that veteran TV director Daryl Duke couldn't inject any life into it"

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