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Where to watch Plain Dirty (a.k.a. Briar Patch)
Briar Patch is a modern, Southern Gothic tale of true love and murder. It centers on Inez Macbeth, a wisp of a girl just a shade over twenty, who may lack a formal education, but has already been taught plenty by life. She's at a dead end, married to Edgar, a petty thief who had his shot and missed long ago, but is too dense to realize it. She spends her days catering to Edgar's whims and fighting off lame advances from his taciturn partner in crime, Flowers. One day, Butcher Lee, Inez's trusted friend and an amateur mystic of sorts, reveals a vision that Inez's One True Love is close by. Determined not to let this opportunity slip by, she vows to act on that information right away. Unknown to anyone, Inez has begun a secret tryst with Druden, a sweet-spirited, oddly-romantic, and wealthy young lawyer in town. With utter certainty that Druden is The One from Butcher's vision, Inez plans their escape to Richmond. Edgar gets wind Inez is up to something and blows his cool, beating her ... Written byAnonymous

Actors: Dominique Swain,Henry Thomas,Arie Verveen,James Urbaniak,Karen Allen,Debra Monk,Blake Lindsley,Suzanne Castle,Starla Lee,Judy Simpson,Len Hathaway,Stuart Hough,Joan Thomas,Sam Froelich,Donald Lee Hall Jr.
Year: 2003
Imdb: click here

"Swain plays a down-and-out white trash girl in Virginia, married to a creep named Edgar who robs stores to keep themselves afloat"

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