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Ruthless hood Johnny Eager is pretending to his parole officer that he has chucked the rackets and is now a full-time taxi driver. In fact, he's as deep in as he ever was and desperately needs official permission to open his new dog track. When he meets up with Lisbeth Bard, he finds he not only has a stunning new girlfriend but a possible way to get his permit. Written byJeremy Perkins <>

Actors: Robert Taylor,Lana Turner,Edward Arnold,Van Heflin,Robert Sterling,Patricia Dane,Glenda Farrell,Henry O'Neill,Diana Lewis,Barry Nelson,Charles Dingle,Paul Stewart,Cy Kendall,Don Costello,Lou Lubin
Year: 1942
Imdb: click here

" Most of all he lacks Taylor's good looks which are crucial to romancing Lana Turner"

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