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This is the story of some Modern day Nazi activists who plan to march through the predominantly Jewish community of Skokie. The town officials tell the citizens to ignore them cause there's nothing that they can do. But one citizen (Kaye) who's a death camp survivor says that he was told this nearly forty years ago in Germany and before he knew it he was in a concentration camp. He says this time if they march, he will not ignore them; he will take action. So, the mayor does what he can to stop them, so the Nazi's leader (Dzundza) goes to the ACLU, and the Jewish lawyer (Rubinstein) he speaks to, says that this is a violation of the First Ammendment and takes the case to court. Written by<>

Actors: Danny Kaye,John Rubinstein,Carl Reiner,Kim Hunter,Eli Wallach,Brian Dennehy,George Dzundza,Ed Flanders,Stephen D. Newman,James Sutorius,Lee Strasberg,Marin Kanter,Robin Bartlett,David Hurst,Ruth Nelson
Year: 1981
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"If you need to do a report on the Skokie trial, and you want your research to be somewhat entertaining then this movie may serve you a very good purpose, other than that I wouldn't recommend it"

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