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A group of rich Italians head out on a yachting trip to a deserted volcanic island in the Mediterranean. When they are about to leave the island, they find Anna, the main character up to this point, has gone missing. Sandro, Anna's boyfriend, and Claudia, Anna's friend, try without success to find her. While looking for the missing friend, Claudia and Sandro develop an attraction for each other. When they get back to land, they continue the search with no success. Sandro and Claudia proceed to become lovers, and all but forget about the missing Anna. Written byDork <>

Actors: Gabriele Ferzetti,Monica Vitti,Lea Massari,Dominique Blanchar,Renzo Ricci,James Addams,Dorothy De Poliolo,Lelio Luttazzi,Giovanni Petrucci,Esmeralda Ruspoli,Jack O'Connell,Angela Tommasi Di Lampedusa,Franco Cimino,Prof. Cucco,Giovanni Danesi
Year: 1960
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" This is Antonioni's spatial stroke of genius, the visual vocabulary which he consistently executed for the rest of his career"

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