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Walter has problems. He's an American who's recently moved to a small Mexican village where he wants to live and write, but he barely knows the language and has no money. He wants to write but has no idea how to do this and he has nothing in the US to go back to. He spends his nights in a broke down abandoned shed by the lake trying to write and he spends his days in a local tavern drinking local beer he can't afford and receiving some food on the account of the barkeeper's pity. He's truly a lost man waiting for something to happen and save him. That's when a shady man who writes epitaphs for the recently departed introduces himself. He wants Walter to do a job for him. A powerful local man committed a grave crime against his boss, a powerful shady local businessman, and he needs to die. Walter is offered 100 000 US dollars to be the triggerman. After some consideration, Walter accepts the offer, since they'll kill him if he doesn't, now that he knows their illegal plan. Besides, ... Written byAnonymous

Actors: Eric Roberts,Joaquim de Almeida,Victor Rivers,James McManus,Tara Crespo,Michael Peña,Enrique Rinaldo,Aixa Maldonado,Ana Mercedes,Felicia Kamriani,Armando José Durán,Alejandro Patiño,Fred Herrera,Felipe De La Rosa,Anselmo Rivera
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

"Although Eric Roberts' acting is superb (especially the scene in which he finally meets and breaks down before the woman he had so idolized), *La Cucaracha* is definitely not for everyone"

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