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A sensitive exploration of the tragic irony of the psychiatrist suffering with mental illness. Dr. Jenny Isaksson is a psychiatrist married to another psychiatrist; both are successful in their jobs but slowly, agonizingly, she succumbs to a breakdown. Jenny is haunted by images and emotions from her past and eventually cannot function, either as a wife, a doctor or as an individual. Written bySujit R. Varma

Actors: Liv Ullmann,Erland Josephson,Aino Taube,Gunnar Björnstrand,Kristina Adolphson,Marianne Aminoff,Gösta Ekman,Helene Friberg,Ulf Johansson,Sven Lindberg,Jan-Erik Lindqvist,Birger Malmsten,Sif Ruud,Göran Stangertz,Mona Andersson
Year: 1976
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" Ullman's gradual descent into insanity is jaw-dropping, and here she gives her most twisted, hysterical performances for the likes of Isabelle Adjani in "Possession" and Catherine Denueve in "Repulsion""

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