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Watch Ghost in the Shell (Kôkaku kidôtai) online

Where to watch Ghost in the Shell (Kôkaku kidôtai)
The year is 2029. The world has become intensively information oriented and humans are well-connected to the network. Crime has developed into a sophisticated stage by hacking into the interactive network. To prevent this, Section 9 is formed. These are cyborgs with incredible strengths and abilities that can access any network on Earth. Written byL.H. Wong <>

Actors: Atsuko Tanaka,Akio Ôtsuka,Kôichi Yamadera,Yutaka Nakano,Tamio Ôki,Tesshô Genda,Namaki Masakazu,Masato Yamanouchi,Shinji Ogawa,Mitsuru Miyamoto,Kazuhiro Yamaji,Shigeru Chiba,Hiroshi Yanaka,Ginzô Matsuo,Takashi Matsuyama
Year: 1995
Imdb: click here

"Like most Anime, there is a lot of character development and dialogue mixed with stunning visuals"

Ghost in the Shell (Kôkaku kidôtai) trailer