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Two girls, at 15; Louise, in a prestigious girls' high school, and Kelly, who was admitted but forbidden by her father to attend. This is the end of their friendship, and from here the film progresses in a backwards time line to a final freeze frame of the girls at the peak of their closeness. Written byBruce Cameron <>

Actors: Kris Bidenko,Emma Coles,Kris McQuade,Peter Hehir,Kerry Dwyer,Stephen Leeder,Debra May,John Sheerin,Sean Travers,Emily Stocker,Lynne Murphy,Giovanni Marangoni,Benny Ulizzi,Rory Delaney,Lisa Rogers
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" It does provide a more upbeat note to end on, but I think it would have been better accomplished via more of a flashback structure"

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