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An American veteran (Weller) of the Dominican Republic intervention (LBJ era) is running a hotel in Miami, and is trying to put the memories of the intervention behind him. He gets involved with a former Dominican Republic general's wife (McGillis). He then gets duped through a series of intricate plot twists into helping a group of people trying to rip the general off. Based on the novel by Elmore Leonard. Written byEd Sutton <>

Actors: Peter Weller,Kelly McGillis,Charles Durning,Frederic Forrest,Tomas Milian,Juan Fernández,Kelly Jo Minter,Phil Leeds,Tony Bolano,Adrianne Sachs,Roberto Escobar,Millie Ruperto,Vivian Addison,Brooke Becker,Fara Schiller
Year: 1989
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