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Young, attractive and vivacious, model Diana Scott is firmly decided to become rich and famous as well. To succeed, she does not hesitate to take bold steps. After a while, she literally strikes gold: she meets Robert Gold, a well-known TV journalist, who not only introduces her into new social and professional circles, but also abandons his family to live with her. Diana seems to have happily combined success and love. However, in those roaring sixties, others are ready to offer her even more money, fame, and, seemingly, fun than Robert can... Written byEduardo Casais <>

Actors: Julie Christie,Laurence Harvey,Dirk Bogarde,José Luis de Vilallonga,Roland Curram,Basil Henson,Helen Lindsay,Carlo Palmucci,Dante Posani,Umberto Raho,Marika Rivera,Alex Scott,Ernest Walder,Brian Wilde,Pauline Yates
Year: 1965
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" Julie Christie's performance is the insurance "Darling" has to ensure its powerful sailing through the years into the forever ever"

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