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Max is on his way to Tokyo. He lives in Paris and likes to flirt but has decided to get married. By chance, he seems to have seen Lisa, his greatest love, in a cafe. Max forgets everything, his trip to Tokyo and his fiance. Obsessed with meeting Lisa he finds out where she lives and hides in the apartment. However, a different girl, called Alice, finds Max in the flat. Alice looks quite similar to Lisa, and they have sex. To complicate matters further, Alice is also the girlfriend of Max's buddy Lucien and Lisa is followed by an older man. Written byGerhard Windecker <>

Actors: Romane Bohringer,Vincent Cassel,Jean-Philippe Écoffey,Monica Bellucci,Sandrine Kiberlain,Olivier Granier,Paul Pavel,Nelly Alard,Bruno Leonelli,Tateo Isaizaki,Tsuyu Shimizu,Ricardo Mateo,Vincent Nemeth,Bruno Fernández Vella,Juan Carlos Martín Alonso
Year: 1996
Imdb: click here

"This sad romance is untellable because the director decides to break its narration and to offer the points of view of each characters"

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