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Delphine's traveling companion cancels two weeks before her holiday, so Delphine, a Parisian secretary, is at loose ends. She doesn't want to travel by herself, but has no boyfriend and seems unable to meet new people. A friend takes her to Cherbourg; after a few days there, the weepy and self-pitying Delphine goes back to Paris. She tries the Alps, but returns the same day. Next, it's the beach: once there, she chats with an outgoing Swede, a party girl, and a friendship seems to bud; then, suddenly, Delphine bolts, heading back to Paris. As she waits at the Biarritz train station, a young man catches her eye; perhaps a sunset and the sun's green ray await. Written by<>

Actors: Marie Rivière,Amira Chemakhi,Sylvie Richez,María Luisa García,Basile Gervaise,Virginie Gervaise,René Hernandez,Dominique Rivière,Claude Jullien,Alaric Jullien,Laetitia Riviere,Isabelle Rivière,Béatrice Romand,Rosette,Marcello Pezzutto
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" I guess I really like the lead actress, she is superb!"

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