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Where to watch Carnages (a.k.a. Carnage)
After a bull is killed in a bullfight, its body parts are transported across Spain, France, Italy and Belgium. The bull's parts fall into the wide variety of people, including: an Italian actress selling the bones in a supermarket promotion, a Spanish woman who dines on its steaks, a little girl in France who imagines a world where animals are much larger than humans, and a taxidermist whose wife is simultaneously giving birth to quintuplets. Written bySujit R. Varma

Actors: Julien Lescarret,Ramon Arenillas Llorente,Dominique Vache,Michel Malmoustier,Raphaëlle Molinier,Lucia Sanchez,Chiara Mastroianni,Stéphane Touitou,Armen Godel,Jacques Gamblin,Sandrine Laroche,Rodolfo De Souza,Ángela Molina,Begoña Quirós,Jean-Michel Gouffrant
Year: 2002
Imdb: click here

" This film begs the question - who cares? Who cares about any of the superficially and unrealistically drawn characters? Each one is eccentric to the point of silliness, and yet the director assumes the viewer will follow each story with some degree of emotional connectedness"

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