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A teacher and a gangster meet by chance in a small town pharmacy. As a friendship of sorts develops between these opposite personalities, each starts to envy the other and by the week's end, everything will change for both of them. Written bySujit R. Varma

Actors: Jean Rochefort,Johnny Hallyday,Jean-François Stévenin,Charlie Nelson,Pascal Parmentier,Isabelle Petit-Jacques,Edith Scob,Maurice Chevit,Riton Liebman,Olivier Fauron,Véronique Kapoyan,Elsa Duclot,Armand Chagot,Michel Laforest,Alain Guellaff
Year: 2002
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" The emphasis is on very gradual, internal realizations by each character that are revealed by a subtle accretion of surprising little decisions, such as wearing slippers or getting a new haircut, culminating in an unpredictable, yet beautifully satisfying conclusion"

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