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In South Yorkshire, a small group of railway maintenance men discover that because of privatization, their lives will never be the same. When the trusty British Rail sign is replaced by one reading East Midland Infrastructure, it is clear that there will be the inevitable winners and losers as downsizing and efficiency become the new buzzwords. A cheery camaraderie is soon replaced by uncertainty and turmoil when their depot manager fills them in on the details of the new arrangement. Privatization means that the customer now comes first, something that is instilled into the men in new training sessions. But there are inconsistencies and shortsightedness to the new ways. Men used to working together now find themselves belonging to different, competing companies. Some even have to tender for their old jobs. Others decide to take the redundancy packages offered by the firm. As always, corners are cut in the interest of lowering costs, leading to a series of misadventures. Written bySujit R. Varma

Actors: Dean Andrews,Thomas Craig,Joe Duttine,Steve Huison,Venn Tracey,Andy Swallow,Sean Glenn,Charlie Brown,Juliet Bates,John Aston,Graham Heptinstall,Angela Forrest,Clare McSwain,Megan Topham,Abigail Pearson
Year: 2001
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