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Gawain was a squire in King Arthur's court when the Green Knight burst in and offered to play a game with a brave knight. No knights stand to defend their king's honor. Except for the valiant Gawain. After being quickly knighted Gawain plays the game, but learns that it's all a trick, and he has lost. But the Green Knight shows mercy, letting Gawain grow a year older before having to face the consequences. Gawain journeys across the land, learning about life, saving damsels, and solving the Green Knight's riddle. Written bySean Kilby and Jason Parker <>

Actors: Miles O'Keeffe,Cyrielle Clair,Leigh Lawson,Sean Connery,Trevor Howard,Peter Cushing,Ronald Lacey,Lila Kedrova,John Rhys-Davies,Wilfrid Brambell,Bruce Lidington,Douglas Wilmer,Brian Coburn,David Rappaport,Emma Sutton
Year: 1984
Imdb: click here

" Even though the rest of the movie does not compare to the Arthur/Green Knight confrontation, it is worth a viewing"

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