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Old West highwayman Bill Miner, known to Pinkertons as "The Gentleman Bandit," is released in 1901 after 33 years in prison, a genial and charming old man. He goes to Washington to live and work with his sister's family. But the world has changed much while he has been away, and he just can't adjust. So he goes to Canada and returns to the only thing familiar to him -- robbery (with stagecoaches changed to trains). Written byKen Yousten <>

Actors: Richard Farnsworth,Jackie Burroughs,Ken Pogue,Wayne Robson,Timothy Webber,Gary Reineke,David Petersen,Don MacKay,Samantha Langevin,Tom Heaton,Jim McLarty,George Dawson,Ray Michal,Stephen E. Miller,David L. Crowley
Year: 1982
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" Farnsworth's most compelling as we follow his portrayal of the real-life stagecoach robber Bill Miner after being freed from jail and his attempts in living a straight life with his sister and her husband"

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