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Pablo Neruda, the famous Chilean poet, is exiled to a small island for political reasons. On the island, the unemployed son of a poor fisherman is hired as an extra postman due to the huge increase in mail that this causes. Il Postino is to hand-deliver the celebrity's mail to him. Though poorly educated, the postman learns to love poetry and eventually befriends Neruda. Struggling to grow and express himself more fully, he suddenly falls in love and needs Neruda's help and guidance more than ever. Written byTad Dibbern <>

Actors: Philippe Noiret,Massimo Troisi,Maria Grazia Cucinotta,Renato Scarpa,Linda Moretti,Sergio Solli,Carlo Di Maio,Nando Neri,Vincenzo Di Sauro,Orazio Stracuzzi,Alfredo Cozzolino,Mariano Rigillo,Anna Bonaiuto
Year: 1994
Imdb: click here

" A romantic film in every sense of the word, 'Il Postino' nevertheless transcends the romantic and takes a somewhat anticlimactic turn that encompasses loyalty and passion to a cause, as well as love"

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