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Two old french countrymen are living a quiet life in their little old farms. The first one, Claude Ratinier, aka "le Glaude" (Louis de Funès), is a widower, and the second one, Francis Chérasse, aka "Cicisse" (Jean Carmet), is single. They spend their days drinking liters of wine and pastis, reminding themselves the good old times. One evening, they happen to start a farting contest, which seems to provoke a lightning storm... Then they go to sleep, but somebody has been quite interested by their kind of expression, and is preparing to change their life... Written byAnonymous

Actors: Louis de Funès,Jean Carmet,Jacques Villeret,Claude Gensac,Henri Génès,Marco Perrin,Christine Dejoux,Gaëlle Legrand,Catherine Ohotnikoff,Philippe Ruggieri,Philippe Brizard,Max Montavon,Thierry Liagre,Perrette Souplex,Carole Nugue
Year: 1981
Imdb: click here

" So, what makes this movie so interesting and well known in french cinema history ? well, as i said in the title it is a very rare tale about friendship, and also loneliness and fate"

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