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It's 1944 in the small town of Gregory, Texas. Divorcée Nita Longley has been brought into the town by the telephone company to work as its switchboard operator, a job which requires her to be at the switchboard day and night. She was originally told by her boss Mr. Rigby that this job would only be a stepping-stone to a more lucrative job with regular working hours, which Mr. Rigby seems to be reneging on since he has now told her that her position is frozen due to the war. As such, Nita feels trapped by this situation. Nita lives in the telephone switchboard office building with her two sons, adolescent Harry and infant Henry. Because of her marital status, many of the townsfolk, especially the men, view Nita either with contempt or as a loose woman. One evening, Teddy Roebuck, a sailor on a four day furlough who is hitchhiking back to his home in Ardmore, Oklahoma, stops by to make a telephone call. When he learns that the reason for his trip home no longer exists, Teddy decides to... Written byHuggo

Actors: Sissy Spacek,Eric Roberts,Sam Shepard,William Sanderson,Tracey Walter,R.G. Armstrong,Henry Thomas,Carey Hollis Jr.,Ed Geldart,Bill Thurman,Suzi McLaughlin,Lupe Juárez,Jessie Lee Fulton,LuBelle Camp,James N. Harrell
Year: 1981
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"I agree with the reviewer who said Eric Roberts needs a big role again"

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